• Kids Karate

  • We specialize in teaching the little ones!  Kids as young as 5-years old can start learning Karate through fun activities, while developing strength, balance and discipline.  As they get older, we start emphasizing the basics of Goju (i.e., basic blocks and kicks). The older kids will continue focusing on the basics while learning the basic Goju katas.

    Karate is a fun way to stay fit and learn self-defense at the same time!

  • Kids (5/6-8/9 years old)

    Focus on helping the student with day to day activities such as; helping others, focus, collaboration, improve motor skills, respect and a bit of patience. All of these while training karate and having lots of fun doing it.

  • Youth (9-13 years old)

    Our youth program emphasis character building; through karate training develop hard work, perseverance, focus and patience. Be able to set goal(s) and surpass them.