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  • Sensei Roberto Vasquez, 4th Dan

    Sensei Roberto Vasquez

    Sensei Roberto Vasquez

    Sensei Roberto Vasquez, 4th Dan

  • Sensei Roberto Vasquez journey began when he met Sensei Jim Kelsh in 1993 at the age of 15 years old in Guelph martial arts academy. Sensei Roberto remembers before entering the dojo of a small mirror with a small box on a shelf it said "leave your ego here". This is a constant reminder there is no place for ego in the dojo. Only an open and clear mind. He was a student of Sensei Kelsh until the closing of his dojo. Sensei Roberto's training continue with one of Sensei Kelsh previous student Sensei Mark Matthews Guelph Budokan Centre of martial arts. Under his teachings and guidance he received his Shodan (black belt) in 2001, Nidan  (2nd. degree ) in 2004, Sandan (3rd. degree) in 2008, Yondan (4th. degree) in 2012 and currently holding the rank of Godan (5th. degree) It was an honor to received this rank, I travelled to the Birth of Karate (Okinawa, Japan) to be able to grade, it was a great experience. I had the privileged to attend several seminars/classes to advance my karate/martial arts knowledge, some of the instructors were: 

    Meitatsu Yagi Hanshi - IMGKA Okinawa

    Akihito Yagi Kyoshi- IMGKA Okinawa

    Akihiro Yagi Kyoshi - IMGKA Okinawa

    Ken Trebilcock Kyoshi - Budokan Karate Dojo

    Iain Abertheny - Practical application