• Classes

  • Dojo Reigi - Etiquette

    Reigisaho is the Japanese word for Etiquette, Manner or Conduct. Here are the following dojo etiquettes:

    • Arrive on time – the dojo will be open 15min. prior to class starting.
    • Before entering the dojo, no gum or food, remove outer clothing. Remove shoes and placed them neatly in order. If you find shoes in disorder, place them in order as well.
    • Before entering or exiting the dojo, show respect by bowing facing inward to the dojo.
    • If a senior student is standing behind you at the entrance, let him/her go in first.
    • Always keep your dojo Gi (uniform) clean and tidy. If your uniform becomes undone, it is proper etiquette to turn away from the shrine, kneel and fix it.
    • Keep your finger and toe nails short to prevent injuries.
    • While in training listen carefully and attentive to the instructions given to you.
    • While in training; no hands on hips, or arm cross, or in front and no leaning on the wall. Always be at ready position.
    • Be polite and kind to one another, a dojo is a sacred place of training.
    • If you are injured, please report it to Sensei before class.
    • If you have a question in class please raise your hand.
    • Provoking violence in the Dojo or in the community will result in immediate expulsion from our Dojo.
  • Kids (4/5/7 yrs old)

    Focus on helping the student with day to day activities such as; helping others, focus, collaboration, improve motor skills, respect and a bit of patience. All of these while training karate and having lots of fun doing it.

  • Youth (8-12 yrs old)

    Our youth program emphasis character building; through karate training develop hard work, perseverance, focus and patience. Be able to set goal(s) and surpass them. 

  • Teens & Adults (12+ yrs old)

    Need a place to escape your day to day stress of life, come and try a class.    

    Teens and Adults classes focus on karate foundation, Kata, bag work, pad drills, one on one partner training and self-defence.